The Pros and Cons of Having Goals

Having goals is essential for reaching your most important business and personal aspirations. I recommend setting BIG goals because most people end up setting their expectations too low. If you aim big, you’re more likely to achieve something big. If you aim small, you’re more likely to aim small.

You should be setting a ten-year and three-year goal so you have an overall plan. Things can change in a few years but at least you have a clear direction at this time. In addition, you should set daily goals because what you achieve on a daily basis adds up to what you achieve long-term. I find that people who are better at goal-setting, are also better at achieving their goals.

However, there is a downside that can creep up on you with your goals if you’re not careful. It happens to many people without them even realizing it.

What Goals Are Good For

Goals are good for creating motivation and desire. I call it the “gap.” It’s the distance or time between where you are and where you want to be. This gap creates tension in your mind and tells you that you need to get up and do something to get what you want. In other words, the gap creates motivation within you.

Chances are that the greater the gap, the more motivated you’ll be. Small gaps create smaller motivation. That’s why I suggest that you have BIG goals. The one caveat is that you must have a certain degree of belief that you can achieve it. You don’t need to believe it 100%. But if you only have a 5% level of belief, you won’t have enough “juice” to get going and keep going.

Essentially, goals do two things: a) they give you a clear direction of what you want b) they help you create the motivation and desire to get there.

The Downside of Goals

Goals are important, but they can also be your biggest challenge if you allow them to be. When goals become obsessions, they can take over your thoughts, emotions and eventually life. There’s nothing wrong with being passionate about your goals. But there is a fine line between passion and obsession. Passion gives you energy to achieve your goals. Obsession can actually take energy away from you and even discourage you.

Being obsessive over your goals can cause you to forget about other areas of your life, like your marriage or family and even your own health. This neglect will eventually catch up with you and cause you more pain than pleasure. If the gap between your current position and future goal is too big, or if you’re not making the progress you’d like, it can become frustrating and cause you anxiety. Being obsessive over your goals can create a life of constantly thinking about the future without living in the present. Many high-achievers face this challenge. Years can go by before they finally realize that they’ve been missing out on life.

If you’re not careful, your goals can be your biggest enemy.


Goals are needed for you to know what you want, set the course and stay on course to achieve your aspirations. You are far more likely to have the life you have always dreamed of by utilizing effective goals. However, you must ensure that you are the master of your goals and not being controlled by them.

Wish you the very best!

Purdeep Sangha

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